• General Checkup

Foot Care

  • General Foot Check up
  • Foot Care Training
  • Quality of Shoes & Socks for proper foot care
  • Foot Testing (Monofilament, VPT, Doppler, ABI )
  • Pre & post surgical diabetic foot care.


  • General Foot Check up
  • Importance of Physical Exercise in Diabetes
  • Physiotherapy for Frozen Shoulder, OA knee, Backache , cervical etc.
  • Physiotherapy for different treatment also provided, like- Post operative orthopedic conditions. Neurological conditions.


  • Role of Diet in Diabetes
  • Special dietary advice on Nephropathy, Celiac disease, Short statures
  • Diet Gallery
  • Calorie Chart of food
  • One to One consultation with trained dieticians.

Diabetes Educator

  • General Education on Diabetes.
  • Special training to Type-1 diabetics children and their parents.
  • Insulin Therapy.
  • Management of Hypoglycemia.
  • SMBG training (use of Glucometer)
  • Taking care of psychosocial aspects.


  • Education & Care of Diabetic Retinopathy.
  • Regular Check up & Care of Eye.
  • Insulin Therapy.
  • Education of Preventive care of Eyes in diabetics with hypertension.


  • Care of Type-1 diabetics Children.
  • Taking care of Growth & development.
  • Management of Hypoglycemia & Diabetic ketoacidosis
  • Celiac disease and diabetes.

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