Our Mission

DCWIndia (Diabetes Healthcare & We), is the NGO designed for the following aspects or objectives –

01. To create awareness amongst masses about Diabetes.
02. To provide necessary medicines at free of cost or at the cost price.
03. To conduct research studies relating to environmental, medical, regional and socio – economic aspects of this disease.
04. Societal and socioeconomic impact of disease on patients & families.
05. To obtain medical support from pharma industry by acquiring free / low cost medicines for patients.
06. To obtain and conduct research on locally available medicine plants and food material for controlling diabetes and its complication.
07. To conduct various patients trials for making diabetics life better and healthier.
08. To conduct workshop for General Practitioners, Para-medical staff and Nursing staff through the help of eminent experts.
09. To do general campaigning about mis-concepts in diabetes.
10. To conduct free general camps for patient scanning.
11. To call eminent experts for faculty lectures to general masses.

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